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What Happens After I Enroll?

After you submit your application for one of our Health Partners Medicare plans, we will review your information and confirm your eligibility with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

We will send you a letter within 10 days of receiving your application. This letter explains how the plan works and how you will get services as a member.

If everything is in order, we will send you another letter to confirm your membership in our plan. You can use this letter as proof of coverage until you receive your member ID card. Please contact us if you do not receive the letter.

What else we’ll be sending your way

Before your effective date with Health Partners Medicare, we will send you important plan information including:

  • Evidence of Coverage: This book explains the benefits we cover and provides helpful information about using your new health plan. Please read it carefully and call us if you have any questions.
  • Directory and Formulary Notice: This notice explains how to use our online search tools to find doctors and other providers in our network, including pharmacies and fitness centers, and how to find medications covered by your plan. The notice also tells you how to request a printed copy of our Provider & Pharmacy Directory and/or your plans Formulary (list of covered drugs). 
  • Health Risk Assessment: If you are a Health Partners Medicare Special member, you will receive this very important survey to help us meet your health care needs.

Request More Information

To receive an information kit, schedule a phone call or home visit, or attend a no-obligation seminar:


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